Francie offers a wide variety of options to deliver her unique brand of natural health education, coaching and treatments to you!


Deeper Well Being

Now more than ever it is essential that we care for ourselves. Join me for 3 month deep dive into the 4 Pillars Starts in January.

Home & Body, Joy & Creativity, Safety First, Teamwork

“I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Francie and the 4 Pillars of Health. Everyday something emerges from my work with her that is transforming how I relate to myself and 4 aspects of health that synergistically work with each other. My health is a priority now, especially in embodying what it is to be so committed to one’s own health and well being that you set up your life this way. The 4 Pillars of Health is a daily practice.” C.K. Colorado

Take time for yourself with expert assistance to make lasting change in your life. New Habits take 90 days to stick. Make 2019 the best year yet in all areas.

Aren’t you worth the attention you give others?

Acute Care & Chronic Care

Most people only require 3-5 sessions for an acute condition. Many continue treatment because they feel better and want to sustain that. Chronic conditions might need a little more in the beginning and then with improvement can spread out the timing between sessions. Whatever your situation I can work with you to find the right fit.

Recover quickly from recent events such as injury, loss and trauma.  Jump start your healing process to prevent chronic illness.  This could include surgery prep and recovery, sprains and strains, seasonal transitions, dietary changes, whiplash, car accidents - any transition where extra support is needed. 

Throughly address the factors contributing to lingering and debilitating conditions. Nutritional and lifestyle counseling to stabilize long term health.  We will address contributing stress factors of your condition.  Lyme disease, arthritis, GIRD, allergies, sciatica and more.

Sail into the best years of your life


Whether just starting out, making a major transition, or trying to enjoy the rusty years acupuncture can help you live life to its fullest. Make the changes you want in life don’t wait until the circumstance are in your favor. Take the helm of your one and only vessel chart your course.


All individual treatments include a comprehensive analysis of your current health state and health history.

Acupuncture Front & Back

While many only offer front treatment, Francie's front and back treatments accelerates healing, leading to fewer treatments and a better value!

Diet & Lifestyle Improvements

Francie offers diet and lifestyle coaching tailored to your needs.  You will make better choices  with Francie's nutritional solutions,  food substitutions and meal planning.  Even cooking classes if that's what you need!

Environmental Evaluations

Bring some natural harmony to your home using Feng Shui principles. Everything from flow, lighting and clutter can be reviewed - even your cleaning products. Let the positive energy flow! 


Francie has spoken at the University of Pittsburgh for the Masters of Social Work Program for the last 4 years and to the freshman nursing class at Carlow College. She has lead community acupuncture clinics at Our House and a survivorship day for hundreds of people. Whether an intimate or large group Francie has the experience to talk passionately about health.

Private Health Groups

Pick Your topic!  

  • Body and Home

  • Joy and Creativity

  • Safety and Preparedness

  • Teamwork



Why have a kitchen product party when you can learn more about healthy living instead?  A new bowl may be nice, but sharing a class about health solutions with friends and family can create a new and improved life!  Enjoy new ideas in a supportive environment - and the hostess gets a FREE Environmental Evaluation!


Workplace Health Clinics

Your crew is your first line of engagement with your customer, getting it right matters. Retention is a big factor in the work  place as much a loss of productivity in illness.  A healthy employee  is a good employee. Francie can perform health evaluations and acupuncture treatments at your workplace!

Health Presentations

Francie's Health Presentations can be individually presented or inserted into a larger seminar.  This more formal presentation of health topics can be given in the location of your choice.   A workplace, networking group, community center - even a Panera Bread meeting room!   Any place is a good place - and anytime is a good time - to start a discussion about natural health improvement!  

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Come up for air

Chart your course out of the storms of health problems

Chart your course out of the storms of health problems