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The Four Pillars of Health is a system developed by Frances Desmone.  Francie will use this unique system to work with you and map your course to self care.  Learning to navigate these pillars will transform your life!  


What kind of transformation would you like to see in your life? 


Life Change: Mastering Resiliancy

Many people face changes in their jobs, housing, and location in an ever-changing economy.  The more resilient we are to coping with the ebb and flow of the workplace enable us to rebound to new professional opportunities. No one makes it through life without loss be it a parent, spouse, friend or beloved pet.  

We never forget the people we love but can live life fully in their memory. Sometimes depression is a symptom of our difficulty in coping with anger and loss.  Learn ways to listen to your body and ease the emotional pain.



Nutrition for Vitality:  Eating for Energy

Quality foods sourced locally in season is our best defense for our long term health and digestive system.  Learn more about food quality and preparation for vitality. 


Pain Reduction: Improving the Inevitable

From tendonitis, knee injury, shoulder and neck pain to chronic low back ache over the course of care the degree of pain lessens or disappears.

If surgery is the clinical answer be prepared before hand and after to increase your immune system and reduce healing times.


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