Acupuncture offers relief from physical, emotional and mental stress

If you’re anything like me, I hate needles too! I almost quit school because I didn’t like getting the treatment but loved how I felt afterwards. This is why I transferred schools, moved back across the country to specifically study Japanese style needling which is very gentle. I often see super sensitive people in my office. This doesn’t mean I won’t dig deep if I need to but most people only feel a little pinch then great relief of symptoms. Be Brave you are worth it!


From head to toe acupuncture is superior at relieving pain.

Migraines, headaches, sinus problems, tooth pain, tmj

Neck pain, frozen shoulder and pain, Carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, trigger finger

Asthma, allergies, indigestion, reflux, IBS, Chrohn’s, constipation

High blood pressure, palpitations, shortness of breath, hot flashes

Low back pain, sciatica, knee pain and weakness, foot pain

Even if I didn't mention it, acupuncture can help 80-100% of the time.


Emotional Intelligence is the key to success.

Anger, depression, grief, fear, worry interrupt our flow to happiness.


Learn how to manage the stress, wrangle the mind, and make the most of what you have.

Individual Treatments

All initial visits include a comprehensive analysis of your current health state and health history. Follow up sessions are focused on current progress and moving forward

Acupuncture Front & Back

Front and back treatments accelerates healing, leading to fewer treatments and a better value!

Diet & Lifestyle Improvements

Do you know what you want to change?

A full evaluation sheds light on areas you might not realize are affecting you.

Consumption includes media.

Community Acupuncture

Come together at an affordable cost. Check the home page for the latest scheduled.

Health Coaching

Coaching is for you if you don’t live near by and still want results in improving your health. Coaching is also for you if you live near by and don’t want acupuncture.

I have found over the last 20 years that addressing life concerns directly impacts your health and wellbeing. You are worth it to live a healthy happy life chasing all your dreams. Manifest them today.

One on One is available for the most individual support.

Group workshops are in the works, check back.


Francie has spoken at the University of Pittsburgh for the Masters of Social Work Program for the last 4 years as well as the freshman nursing class at Carlow College. She has lead community acupuncture clinics at Our House and a survivorship day for hundreds of people. Back by special request this year for the third time at 84 Lumber’s employee wellness fair. Whether an intimate or large group Francie has the experience to talk passionately about health.

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