Frances Desmone (Francie)

I am a Resiliency Specialist focused on the body, mind and emotions.

I have 30 years experience in natural health and nearly 20 in the field of acupuncture. I started my career in a chiropractor's office specializing in muscular skeletal pain, sports medicine and improved motor function.  I then worked with a naturopathic physician gaining a reputation for acute care and the go to person for unusual and often untreatable conditions.  Afterwards in my own practice I specialized in women’s health and geriatrics.  Currently I work at one of the top 10 hospitals in the country in women’s health specializing in fertility and oncology patients.

Doctor of Acupuncture
Masters in Acupuncture
Current licenses PA & NY  (formerly MA, RI)
Wilderness First Responder
Professional Chef
Sailing Instructor

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