"What sets me apart from others doing similar work is that I talk about myself and my challenges.  I offer related stories of my experiences whether they are successful or not.  I too understand the difficulties in making lasting change for a healthier life.  Among other life experiences, my struggles with lyme disease and weight control make me uniquely qualified to help you  with any struggles you may have physically and/or emotionally. "

"I've made it my mission to share my experience and  knowledge to help others stop the struggle and reboot their lives in a more balanced and healthy way.  Together we will chart a course - navigating a wellness plan that will change your life."


Frances Desmone

AKA - Francie - is your wellness navigator

The Boring Stuff

Frances Desmone is on staff at Magee Womens’ Hospital of UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently licensed in Pennsylvania and New York, previously in Massachusetts and Rhode Island where she received her Doctor of Acupuncture credentials.

The Technical Stuff

Francie practiced on the resort island of Martha’s Vineyard for 10 years after graduating from the New England School of Acupuncture in Watertown, MA.  She started her education at the Pacific School of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA transferring to NESA to specialize in Japanese Acupuncture.  Since graduation she has taken nearly 1,000 hours of post graduate work in various specialties including Sports Medicine with Matt Callison.  Focusing on the Balance Method by Dr. Tan, Francie has taken many classes with him as well as studying the classics.

Here's where it gets interesting

After graduating from Duquesne University with degrees in Philosophy and Art History, Francie pursued her dream of sailing to the Caribbean.  During that time of living and working on boats a deep interest in first aid was born.  Upon return to the States she took the EMT class then went onto acupuncture school.  Recently she became certified as a Wilderness First Responder.  Francie has always had a great passion for natural healthy food. She has used her cooking skills in restaurants, for caterers, as a private chef and even on boats!

The Bottom Line

Francie is a resiliency specialist and self-care expert.  She is also a whisky-drinking,  straight-shooting sailor.   Using her acquired skill set, knowledge of the mind-body connection and healing tools, she can transform your experience of yourself for deeper, long-lasting physical and emotional healing.  Your life can be changed with Francie's unique brand of kindness and compassion. 

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