We all face great challenges in life.  How we respond to them is our greatest asset. Frances Desmone will provide expert care in the resolution of conditions that keep us from living our best lives pain free.

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Mind + Body

Your mind can create a bad day for your body.  Your body can create a bad day for your mind. Learn how the mind and body interact and create a balance that will create a positive change your life.


Challenge + Commitment

Do you have challenges yet want to remain committed to your improved health for a lifetime?  Perhaps you feel 30 on the inside yet some days your body feels beyond your years due to injury or illness.  Take charge of your health with expert advice and care to have lasting results.


Frances Desmone + You

Frances Desmone has the knowledge, experience and tools to help you set a course for natural wellness.   She will listen to you, work with you and educate you in order to create the map that will change your life.  Natural self care is essential for the healthy, balanced life you want to live.  


Francie's Life Quality questions

  • Whole foods vs holes in your food

  • How are you moving?

  • Toxin free home and body

  • What brings you joy?

  • What's your emergency plan?

  • Anticipate natural disaster

  • Teamwork, getting together

  • What's your gift to give?