Do you experience Pain whether you move or not?

Anxiety about what could go wrong?

Stress with no relief?

Worry about your health or Frustration at being stuck in the same place?

Would you like to experience lasting pain relief, greater joy, feel more supported, ready to cope with life’s unexpected moments, and personal growth?


Mind + Body

Our minds are a powerful tool that can help or hinder our health. When something goes wrong how quickly are you able to come back to center?


Acupuncture & Health coaching

Acupuncture is amazing for physical pain, emotional aches, lifting the mind up to the next level. Coaching reveals how all things are related to your well being and empowers you to live the life you dream.


Your desire for greater vitality

Natural self care is essential for the healthy balanced life you want to live.  Francie listens with presence and perception to what your body is trying to tell you.